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How to find your passion and five a fulfilling life?  

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Hi, so I am currently 20 years old and there is a strong will in my current vision, working in the economy.

As I am studying international relations in the second semester I find it quite hard to focus on one job sector in longterm like investment banking or lets say management consulting.

What did you do to get your view more clearly and find out what you were really interested in? What are good tips to evaluate my own character traits? 

Happy if you could share some of your paths,

thanks! 🖐️ 

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Hello Peter, 

When i started my career 13 years ago as a boutique IT consultant. It was not planned. I knew nothing about consulting. Had a Bachelor degree in business administration but was simply clueless. My boutique firm had a rule, when you are new, you do small assignments but a lot of them in order to find your niche. Management consulting is very broad since it's about processes, performance, leadership... The topic doesn't really change the work. and there's consulting firms for all topics. Mine happened to be IT. When it was confirmed after 6 years working for boutique firms. Got a few certifications, got my MBA and went freelance.

Now what you really have to ask yourself is: Do you want to be a consultant. It's a really different culture then working as an employee.

I hope my story helps a bit. 

Best regards




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