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What to keep in mind during an interview (e.g. during a management consulting interview)?  

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Hey 🙂 I heard that a lot of consultants are here on the platform, my question to you is: What are things I have to keep in mind while sitting in an interview with a consultancy? Do you have some secret tips for me? 

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Good day, Amanda! From an interviewer's perspective that is what we want our applicants to be:

  1. Be on time. It is crucial not to be late on the day of your interview. Allocate plenty of time in the morning and plan your route to minimize any problems occurring. If something unforeseen happens, causing a delay to your journey, phone ahead and explain the situation while stating you will get there as soon as possible.
  2. Greet us with a firm handshake. A positive first impression is very important. When shaking our it is important to have direct eye contact while also smiling politely. You will come across as assertive and composed.
  3. Stay calm. This will allow you to think more clearly and therefore you will deliver better responses as a result. Feeling anxious and nervous is normal in an interview, the key thing is being able to control it. It is important to note that we were once in your position ;).
  4. Listen carefully and take your time answering. Take a moment after a question to think about what is being asked and how best to answer it before replying.
  5. Don’t get carried away. It is important to provide a full response to the question asked; however, it is also important not to speak for longer than is necessary or to go off-topic.
  6. Ask for a question to be repeated or explained if necessary. This will give you both more time to think about your response while also getting a better insight into what type of answer we seek for.
  7. Give responses that are clear, relevant and provide sufficient information. It is important that we understand the point you are trying to make. Keep to the point by providing a clear understanding off the topic.
  8. Highlight skills and experiences in a positive manner. Link your responses to previous experiences when possible while highlighting how your actions generated positive outcomes.
  9. Don’t panic. You might get a question you hadn’t anticipated. If you answer it poorly don’t dwell on it. Your success will not depend on one answer but on how you perform in the interview overall.
  10. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and add how much you would like to work for the company. This will leave the interviewer with a positive impression. Passionate individuals work hard and perform better and this is what employers are looking for.
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Hi Amanda,

In addition to the above reply,which covered most of the points,  I would love to add a couple of pointers - 

1. If it is a case based interview round - Don't panic! Read the caselet twice, if you are stuck with lack of information, data insufficiency, feel free to ask questions to the interviewer - he/she is ready to help you and listen to you. 

2. Try to make the conversation informative and cordial. 

3. Please note there is no right or wrong answer to any case interviews - Interviewers only analyse your analytical bent of mind, your structured thought process and stress management via your case interview approach



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I known it will sound weird but try to look normal. Of course they look for talented people, motivated and intrested and ready to get hard working in consulting but mostly they look for someone they will work with!

So if you look "too much" or try to overperform, this thing will stand out and won't be good for you.


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