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The perfect CV  

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Good morning everyone!

I am currently working on my CV to apply for the Big3. I heard that I should adapt it to the personal firm culture and structure. What should I do in my CV for McKinsey comparing to Bain or Bcg? Any approaches welcome, thanks!

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Depends on your background really but if you're applying as a fresher to the similar parts of those firms, I wouldn't anticipate too much difference. BCG is more techie in general, Bain more PE and McKinsey more strategic. But honestly, CV stage, I'd not worry about the difference.

Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hey Jessica,

MBBs and Big 4s will spend as much as 30-45 secs on any CV. Hence it is imperative to keep it short, concise and crisp. 

1. If you have an experience of <4 years, keep the CV on one page. I know it is hard, but its an unsaid rule here.

2. Try to have each statement in your CV in this format : Challenge, Action, Result. For example: Drove the revenue growth by 1.5% for a $40,000 sales channel of condiments, over a period of 8 months by creating customised PPC marketing campaigns. Quantify your results. 

3. NO FAFF OR FLUFF. People here are experts at faffing, hence they see through it clean

4. Follow the KISS approach (Keep it simple silly). Your job is to convey as much information as possible in the 30-45 seconds the recruiter is holding your CV


Thanks !



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