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The own consultancy goes bankrupt  

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Another question popped up in my head is: What do you actually do when the first consultancy goes bankrupt?

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M. Haddad
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Well Rajash, in this case all you need to do is to look at it in a positive way and make it part of your learning experience.

So if this happens what you need to do:

  • Conduct a proper root cause analysis
  • Revise your Strategy 
  • Revise your Action Plan 
  • Revise your Risks and make sure to better address more Preventive Actions 
  • Modify what went wrong and make sure it is aligned with all what is listed above 

Then start again with a stronger will, a higher commitment; and always make sure to evaluate your performance periodically and never wait until the outcome of the project. 

All the best 👍 

M. Haddad 


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