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Should you reach out to executives without research and customized script?  

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Obviously you can reach out to a lot more people through a generic script without researching and targeting their specific problems (customized pitch). But which one will get a better results - more messages out vs. less messages but more targeted? 

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Yep! The more customised is always better, be it for a sale or a job. It's amazing how many people don't do any research and how much more of a long way just a tiny bit of research goes.

Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hi there,

Customisation always helps. No one wants the same generic pitch. Having said this this can dramatically reduce the number of people you approach, hence I advise pre-creating custom pitches for different personalities. 

For example, create one for a Senior Partner at a MBB firm, at a Big 4, boutique firms. You can use this framework for many, not all though, for your interactions.

Another you can create it for Mid level managers working at corporates, another one for entry level folks etc.

Hope this helps !


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