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Reapply to MBB or take the offer from smaller firms?  

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Hello! 😀

My name is Christian and I just finished my Bachelor in "Business economics" and applied to MBB. I did relevant interships and have a 3.6 GPA. Unfortunately I got rejected from all three, but I am definitely thinking about reapplying to them. (Had 2 interview rounds) In the meantime I got 3 offers from smaller consulting firms, which are a good option too, but I mean - MBB is MBB ^^ . Does it make sense to reapply and try to get in there again? (If I do, 2 of my offers will be expired in the time)

Thanks to all answers!

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Hi Christian - good question tho, I had a similar situation as you.

I applied two times to the Big 3, got accecpted for an internship the second time at BCG - BUT I had a backup. A consulting firm accepted me right away for the intern in Munich and thats why I just tried to get into them, just testing my "market value", if the big 3 would accept me the second time. ( I applied 3 months later again - in this time I co-founded a start-up)
So if I was you, I would try to get into the big 3 again, as long as you have the other offer from the smaller consulting firm. If you get rejected again - no worries you got the backup 😉





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