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Andy, you are never going to be able to insulate yourself from what you term as "negative" people. They are everywhere. That said, let me talk about my experience and how I have handled it. I believe we control our feelings and we "let" others make us happy or sad based on our relationship with them. You would not be influenced as much from a stranger as an acquaintance. More by a friend than an acquaintance and more by a loved on than a friend. 

So this is what I did and it changed my life. I interact with everyone. EVEN the ones I do not like or consider a negative influence. I listen to what they say and their interactions and take away ONLY the parts that are either going to help me or are something I would like to change about myself/implement.

This has opened up an audience which I had shut out for a long time in my life as well as helped me overcome a negative feeling towards people. Even the ones I once disliked. 

Remember, I do not create a relationship with these people but do not avoid them in an effort to insulate myself.

Hope this helps.

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