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How can I leverage the Corona Crisis for my personal networking efforts?  

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I am a 2018 graduate currently working for a medium sized consulting firm and wanted to continue networking to help find my next job. My family has a background in consulting and I was told that this may not be the best time to network since people are worried about how far the economy is going to fall rather than talking to a 24 year old. I've reached out to several people with some responding and some not.

thanks for advice!

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Hello Shaun, 

I hope you'are well. Actually, it's the best time for you because what you need to do is not networking but marketing and that is done via social media (linkedIn for management consultants). You do content marketing to share your thoughts and your values and then the client will find you (not the other way around).

All you have to do is work on your linkedIn Profile. Be active on the plateform (posting et using #s). And don't be surprise to see people calling You for speaking gigs in a few years. 

Very different compared to networking as we knew it. 


PS: I've been an IT management consultant for 13 years.

Best regards.


L - Rathke
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Hello Shawn,

generally, I think the current situation does not affect networking negatively. Making new contacts, I am pretty sure cause of the fact that a lot more people are staying home, gets eased up. Just because more people work on their laptops and computers and stay online.

So as @Lobé already said, right now it is required to stay active and reach out to more people than you did beforehand. 
Of course, there are some sectors being heavily affected when it comes to actual job offers but think about the niches!

Dig deep and reach out to a wide spectrum of consultancy firms.



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