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Management Consulting in Germany  

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This is Riddhima (a Management Consulting aspirant) this end from India. I'm looking forward to pursue my Masters(from my dream B-school) next year in Germany. The only concern for me as of now is the fact that I've heard one needs to be a pro in the local language (in this case,German) to excel in the field of Consulting. And since English is my forte, I'm worried about my decision to do my Masters in Germany. Are there no English Speaking Consulting jobs in there or maybe I should reconsider my career path?

I'd be more than glad if you could resolve my query and assist me for the same.

Thank you in advance.


Riddhima Taneja

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Most of the German consultancies will indeed want you to speak the local language (German). However, I would always suggest clarifying this with an HR representative. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask some additional questions and get a first personal phone call with someone from the firm (networking!).



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