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Consulting questions to Kevin Jon personally  

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Hello everyone!

This questions is especially for Kevin Jon, I discovered your YouTube channel recently! Really great content.

I have three questions.

My first question is, why you quit your job at the company McKinsey as a consultant? ( if I understood this right, you worked for them)

Second, what are you doing currently and why?

Third, I’m doing my bachelor of science in psychology in Germany, and I wanted to know if you would recommend to join the consulting career or are there any better, efficient and more exciting alternatives than working for McKinsey or even for other companies as a consultant?


thank you for your attention and time! 🙂 

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Usually people will stay at firms like McK, BCG, RB, OW, etc. for 2-3 years.

The average is 2,5 years I think - meaning it is pretty common for people to quit and do something else.

Reasons being consulting is very very tough business AND after 2-3 years opportunity cost are extremely high: you have lots of interesting job offers.


Currently I am working in the venture capital industry in China, trying to conquer the world 🙂 More information of course is available on my YouTube channel about China.


Before answering this question let me know what are your goals. Earning as much money as possible? Having healthy work-life balance? Prestige? Power? Be frank 😉


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