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International Business Management relevant for consultancy?  

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Would an International Business Management (in English) be relevant to become a consultant of some sort?

Also, is a masters degree useful/necessary to get into a multinational consulting firm outside of my country/Europe (e.g. Strategy and International Management). If so, what would you recommend?

Thanks and Grüße aus Belgien!

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Thanks for the questions.


A IBM degree will usually be a good starting point for a career in business, be it management consulting, investmentbanking, pe or something else. However, if you hate business and just study the subject in order to get into consulting - dont do it. Then, it would be better to go with a study subject you are actually interested in 😉


As to whether or not a master's degree is necessary - in my estimation it is not. I entered MC without a MSc and did well.


Also bonus tip: You can always try applying without a degree - if it doesnt work you can still do your 1-2 years masters degree and reapply.


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