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How to increase my chance to enter into management consulting business?  

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Hello everyone 

thanks first for all the advises on the forum. 

I have been working in retail industry as a store manager for 8 years and plan to take a part-time MBA in this year. 

Reading some posts saying that most consultants took a full-time MBA, just want to know how many chance for my case and how to make it increase ?

Thanks a lot. 


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Congratulations on your choice to join a part-time MBA program! From the perspective of a Leadership and Management professor, whether you take a full-time vs. part-time MBA will make no difference toward your chances of making it into the consulting field. Indeed, with a part-time program, you're more likely to get in touch with folks who, like yourself, have ongoing work experience (many full-time programs attract people right out of college together with the select few who have given up an ongoing career or are switching careers to take on the program full-time). It will really be about three things that you can control: (1) the cohort and connections that you make in the program; (2) the proactive work that you do during your studies to interact with folks in the consulting community (including potential hiring organizations), and (3) the quality of the education you receive in your program - something that you can control now only 'til the point where you have finalized your selection of which program you'll be attending.

Best of luck on this journey and do keep in touch!

Frankie J. Weinberg, MBA, Ph.D.


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