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How to get a good mentor  

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How important is having a mentor? And how can I get someone to be my mentor?

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Philipp Borchardt
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Hi Andy


"Tim Ferriss's 4h week" is a good guide on how to choose a mentor and how to get to him 😉

Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hey Andy,

It is extremely important to have a mentor. This mentor can be anyone, your manager, your case partner or even your more experienced colleague. In my opinion, you should have multiple mentors.

To get a mentor, you need to have a likeable personality. Smile more, be positive and helpful. Show genuine concern and be empathetic. These soft skills will help you have more conversations with people in general. 

Next make sure you are asking for advice from people, people love it when you show them importance in the particular subject matter.

Lastly, always be sure to thank them for their assistance and help. Showing gratitude is like an icing on the cake.

One important thing: Don't be a suck up, you don't need to butter people. Just be your genuine self, and develop a good heart. 

Hope this helps! 

L - Rathke
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Also, make sure to have serious goals you want to achieve. Your mentor/s needs some aspects where he/she can help you reach in life. Without that, your mentorship can get unstructured sometime. Definitely make sure you have set up your 2, 5, and 10-year plan before reaching out to somebody by whom you want to get mentored.

All the best!

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1. Look around - managers, co-workers, seniors can all be great

2. LinkedIn - you can reach out to people for mentorship opportunities

3. Internet - the internet is full of mentors who have taken the exact same path as you have. I've tons of internet mentors who don't even know they're my mentors. I took their courses, follow everything they write or every interview they appear in


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