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How relevant is pro bono consulting experience for a recruiter ?  

Siddhant Thakar
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I have recently started working for a pro bono management consulting company based out of London. 

Although I love to gain expertise from such projects, I was wondering what is the worth of such a work experience in the eyes of a recruiter ?

Looking forward to hearing your opinion on it !

Thanks you,

Siddhant Thakar 

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My 2 cents. Pro-bono has both professional and social implications. First the social implications. We are consultants. So we have something that we are offering to others. So, our goal should be to help others. That is what our customers are looking for too (even the paying ones). Professionally, Pro-bono work will tell you if you are cut out for this consultancy gig. My ventures have left me feeling accomplished. Further, the word-of-mouth advertising you receive puts you out there. I moved from an unknown to someone of a recognized consultant in my field of business transformation primarily on my pro-bono work and THEN with my paid customers. If you are do Pro-bono work for academics I think you are going about it all wrong. Good efforts with wrong intentions never bring good results. I am sorry if I sound harsh. Just sharing my thoughts. Please take the feedback with a pinch of salt.


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