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How many hours does an Intern work?  

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Question is up, how many hours does an Intern work per week? (No preferred consultancy from Mckinsey and Deloitte... to small consultancies)


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Hello Rajash, it's important to remember that an internship should be approached as a learning experience first and foremost, and they are typically conducted while the intern is engaged in other activities. While each internship is unique, most of my students and mentees will take internships that are worth 3 U.S. course credits for a total of 120 hours in one semester. A classroom learning opportunity that is 3 course credits would be 3 hours per week in the classroom, with about 8 hours a week total time expected to be spent on the class throughout the week assuming a 15 or 16 week semester. With that said, we often like to put our best feet forward in our internships for various reasons, and so it would not be unexpected to see an internship asking for or otherwise offering the opportunity for about double the 8-hour time, some as much as about 15-18 hours per week during the course of the regular year. They could go up to full time (@ 40 hours/week in the summer months, depending on the how the program is set up and amenability by both parties. Wish you well and best of luck as you get started with your internship!

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