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How is your consultancy reacting to COVID19?  

L - Rathke
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Hey everyone, due to the fact that we have a lot of consultants here, any insights about how the consultancy you currently work for is affected by COVID19 would be very helpful. 

And how is it like working from home now for you personally?


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Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hey Lasse,

Currently most of the work is remote and focussed on increasing the efficiency of people working, through calls and e-meetups. 

Personally it is exhausting than before as the general conception here is that if people are at home, they can work as much as the clients like. Having said this, it depends a lot on the client and the case we are working on. 

Hence its necessary to have a hobby to keep our sanity in these times.

Thanks !



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