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How did the strategy of consultancies change during COVID19?  

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Hey, so the coronavirus had its impact, also on consultancies. I have heard that a lot was changing their strategy how they operate with their business, can somebodyy give me further details on that?

Thank you

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Philipp Borchardt
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Well you are right but in my opinion it is a great way to improve the working behaviours and adapt to this new world. Back in 2014 I was already speaking with my clients about working from home and they told me it was impossible because the employees would be productive. Now 6 years and a pandemi later the companies have to hurry up and build this up.

Well at least I was right, as usually 😉

Moreover I hope that this situation is also allowing people to organize themselves with more freedom and that there will be no travels across Europe anymore just for a 2 hours meeting. I think that theere will be a lot of change maangement to do.


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