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Life after consulting: What are the exit options for management consultants?  

Mel Gardene
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 Mel Gardene
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Could anyone break down the exit options for Management Consulting? That would be very helpful in my future plannings. How regular is it to go into the start-up scene afterward - does it make sense having such a broad knowledge into a lot of work sectors? 



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L - Rathke
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Hey Mel,

great question!

Those are most common for consultants exiting their job:


Private equity

-> Better pay, big prestige, and an opportunity to work on industry-shaping deals. 

-> Competitive, high achievers who are willing to work long, grinding hours.

-> Easier to transfer from MBB or financials e.g Oliver Wyman

Hedge funds

-> Better pay and industry-changing opportunities.

-> Investment knowledge, trading skills, analytical skills and ability to add value to the investment decision-making process of the fund

Venture Capital

-> Good majors for entering: engineering, biotechnology, computer science, etc. - helps extremely to understand the product you invest in. (Often Tech in VC)

-> Background: Entrepreneurs, Research, Product development, Engineering, Sales or operational experience

-> Are bankers wanted? -> Bankers and consultants tend to work with larger, more established companies > VCs work with small companies that are growing fast. 

                                    -> Banking and consulting are very hierarchical > VCs are always very small and have very flat structures.

                                    -> Bankers and consultants are used to be given clear tasks to do > VC is much more informal and independent.

-> You need an Entrepreneurial drive, Raw intelligence: the ability to evaluate interesting opportunities quickly, Charisma, Great communication skills

Asset management and equity research

-> Organizational context, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement.


and last but not least:



About 16% of all consultants move into Entrepreneurship afterward 😉



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