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Management consulting in Europe vs. India: What are the main differences?  

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Good evening!
What are the main differences between consulting in Western Europe and Asia especially in India? Having a lot of interest in that topic.

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Hello, I am from India and this topic is quite interesting for me, too. So having done some research, this is what I would say fits the most and is striking:


The aspect of time


In western countries, time is considered to be the most important factor while at work. Their usual work shift is for 8 hours a day. Traditional working hours in the US are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. All employees are very particular about coming to and leaving from the office. There are hardly a few people who work overtime or until late nights, unless necessary. In western countries, people treat work as work and nothing more than that. They come on time, leave on time and get back to their personal life.

In India, we generally get late to work and have to sneak into our offices and work until late night to cover up for the time. Most of us consider work to be our first priority whereas it should be of equal importance to our personal life. 


Work Environment


Maintaining a positive environment and mental health is the biggest factor that increases productivity. These offices often conduct psychological assessments and group development activities.

India is now catching up with this factor. We believe in team-building activities. From taking employees to yearly trips to encouraging physical health by giving fitness vouchers, offices are showering employees with incentives. It makes the work environment relaxed and productive. It also leads to better mouth-to-mouth publicity of your company and employee retainer-ship.


The hierarchy

Western countries do not follow authority as such. A person of a younger age could get hired for one of the highest positions based on his or her knowledge. They might be younger than most employees, yet the environment will be smooth. Employees at higher posts also do not show their superiority and behave normally with everyone.

In India, we follow hierarchy with all our hearts. Starting from our families, we believe in paying more respect to the one who is older to us, and we follow the same pattern in our workplace. We also create a division between designated people of our level and the people working below us. A manager would usually not have lunch with employees under him or her.  It is not a very sociable environment professionally.

Any other aspects are welcome, too. 

Good day, Sir!


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