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Effects of consultants‘ eating habits  

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Hey everyone!

so as everyone knows the long hours on a project lead to ordered food to spare the time. 

What are the long-time effects on that? How does it affect your persona?

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I am interested too

Philipp Borchardt
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As a health Psychologist I wrote 2 articles about the care of overweight adolescents and their eating desorders so I could say that I know a little bit on the subject. 🙂

To sum it up in our daily consultant life, I would recomand to stay away of junk food and restrain from overeating because of your stress or something else. I know perfectly that it is very difficult to refuse a beer or a restaurant with a client but you are not forced to drink on every night or to eat like a horse when you are at the restaurant.

The worse for me is when I have to go out eating on lunch time because if I eat to much or to heavy it compromises my productivity in the afternoon, same thing is when I go sleeping after a huge dinner and several pints.

Try to keep this in mind: you cannot expect a Ferrari to run on kitchen oil. If you fuel your body and your brain (they work together remember it) with crap it can't do anything else than harm you on the long term. So if you have to order food, try to order as healthy as possible.

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Hi Tuchal,

One of the more insightful articles I've read on this topic is this one:

Neck, C. P., & Cooper, K. H. (2000). The fit executive: Exercise and diet guidelines for enhancing performance. Academy of Management Perspectives14(2), 72-83.

My library doesn't have a copy of it available presently, but I've looked into getting an interlibrary loan of it. If they can one to me, I'll share a copy in a future post. The abstract is available here:


Wish you well,

Frankie J. Weinberg, MBA, Ph.D.
Distinguished Associate Professor of Management and founding member, Leading Consultation International, LLC


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