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Do Consultants burnout?How do they handle it?  

Raman Singh
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Hello Clan members and People my query for the day is-

Long working hours and Pressure of the work would lead to burn out for the Consultants some time or the other.

So,how to get out of that hurdle?

How to not let work dominate us?

I'm expecting some interesting answers from your end.

Thanks You

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Burnout is a factor in any job or business. It is true in Consulting too.

A foolproof way of handling it is to have it addressed top-down.

An organization is as good as its people. So, a professional organization ensures that while they aim to get the best out of their employees, they have to ensure that the message is clear. Success at "ANY COST" is NOT acceptable. Actions need to reinforce this expectation and that will remove the pressure from the employee to go beyond their capability and end up burning out.

Second, it is to each employee to strike a good work-life balance. I have to confess that for a period in my career I practically turned into a workaholic and was lucky that I corrected it and returned to balancing a good work-life balance after I had a health setback which was addressed.

So, I have persevered to ensure my reports went home on time and did not take work home to ensure they were working to their capability. Second, I ensure that we had the right work-employee ratio maintained that did not put unnecessary pressure on the employee.

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Raman Singh
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True that sir.

A top-down approach could be the best possible way to maximize Work-Life balance.

And even the factor to consider success at Any Cost is very Crucial to be understood for the betterment of the firm and even the workers.

Thanks for those words sir.Really helped


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