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Customer Retention plan -MECE Framework feedback  

Savio S
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 Savio S
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Hi everyone, In order to develop a strategy/plan for customer retention for a SaaS product before launch, I wanted to use a MECE framework (hypothesis tree) to strategize and present, is the following one ok? or any better suggestions?

Objective: Keep churn at minimal when we launch (i've tried to use a customer journey like framework with the assumption that more engagement can reduce retention, assuming churn to be at 5%)

1) Account Sign-up

- how many steps to complete signup? How can we keep it as short as possible?

- What info do we need?

2) Onboarding

- How can we onbard the customer? quick tour? live traning?

- How long should the onboarding be ? how many steps & what to cover?

3) Post- Onboarding:

a) User proactive use: Open the app --> Loading time of the app--> type of info on first screen [how can we ensure a smooth process as mentioned], [ what are the regular features that a user would want to enage with? do we have any other non-core features that can encourage engagement], [can we monitor if customer is raising issues & what are they]

b) Reactive use: To ensure more enagement can the app send proactive updates of data & other info?

4) Analytics

- How can we monitor technical issues to ensure worry free experience?

- Can we create algorithms to flag low enagemeng customer who could churn?

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