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How many hours do consultants spend travelling? Are they included in the working time?  

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In your work-life balance video with Henry Ma you mention Management Consultants typical clock around 60-80 hours/week. Of course as a consult there is a huge amount of time spent travelling, is this taken into account in the figure or is travel to client side etc not seen as clocked hours?

Hope you had a great Christmas and NY! 

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Thanks for your question.

In my experience most consultants and ibers would count travel time towards their total work time. The reason is a very simple one:

Travel, even though you might travel first class trains, business planes, etc. is work time. You will sit in business class and edit powerpoints, model financial figures, etc.

Most of the time you do not have too much time to enjoy the amenities 😉

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For me, I personally remark my travelling hours spent on plane etc. 🙂


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