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Case preparation  

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Hello! My question is how do you exactly prepare for case interviews? What are some insider tips you have for a case interview? 
thank you all for engaging that much!

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Ryan Raut
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 Ryan Raut
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Hi Andurav,

Some tips for cracking case interviews:

1. Start practising cases: The first and foremost method of getting good at cracking cases is to start somewhere. Start with a simple case, think of an approach, structure your thought process and move step by step. Once you're done with your case, look at the solution. Observe the areas where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Once, you're there, jot them down along with what you have learnt from that case. The trick is to learn something from every case you solve. 

2. Develop math skills: To crack cases you need to develop confident math skills by practising mental maths. Solve complex calculations by breaking them down part by part. 

3. Learn consistent methods to solve cases: There's no one approach to solve all cases. Every case is different and you might need to tweak your approach to crack them. You can learn consistent methods to solve those cases. However, make sure you're not learning any method by heart. That'll only slow you down and won't be of much help when you solve cases. Cases like profitability, market entry, guesstimates, M&A, etc require you to be consistent in your approach. 

I would suggest you to read 'Case Interviews Cracked' to make it easier for you to understand cases and their approach. 

Hope this helps!

Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hey Andurav,


First thing to understand is that case interviews are real reflection of the work you will have to do as a consultant. So answering your question in this way, following are the points you need to remember while preparing: 


1. Ask the "right" questions, with a strong why behind it

Just asking random questions will get your interviewer irritated and waste both your and the interviewers time. Hence it is necessary to know what you are asking for. Think of yourself like a doctor examining a patient, if you have a headache, you wouldn't want your doctor to ask you about your bowel movements right ? 


2. Listen and understand well

Case interviews are essentially discussions that take place between you and the interviewer. You can be wrong in your logic, but you need to have a good ear to listen to your interviewers feedbacks and nudges in the interviews


3. Business acumen and quantitative skills

This is kind of a no-brainer, but yea you need to understand the basics of any business. Ex: Revenues - Costs = Profits, Strategy and operations concepts, basic finance concepts etc. 

By quantitative skills, it is mostly arithmetic. You wouldn't be asked calculus or trigonometry in the interview, but percentages, multiplications, graph reading and analysis will be asked.


4. Communication

You may do all the above steps really well, but if you fail to communicate it properly, you're out. Consultants don't need Shakespearean English, but normal cogent reasoning and presentation of your analysis. 





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