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Case Interviews  

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I have heard that the case interview format does vary from region to region. How true is this and how should one navigate through this?

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Chet Van D\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\'Naik
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Hey Afnan,

Yes case interview formats will differ from company to company and the regions they are working out of. 

You need to remember and understand that case-interviews need to be treated like actual problems your client is facing and come up with curated solutions. Thinking of cases from a fixed "framework" perspective will not get you anywhere. Don't get me wrong, you need to be super structured, but do not use the same structures everywhere. 

The simple way to master this, is to practice case-interviewing and read a lot of business books and articles. 


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@Chet Van D\'Naik 
yep, hardly support that - have done the same. practice, practice, practice


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