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Benefits when you stay more than 2-3 years in consulting  

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Hello all!

I heard often that many people quit consulting due to several things like work-load, work-life balance in general and so on...

What are the possible things which you can benefit from when you actually stay longer than 2-3 years and get promoted to junior consultant etc. ?
Thanks for answers!

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Kassem Fawaz
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 Kassem Fawaz
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Hi Ann, 

This is a question that lots of people try to figure out, whether they should continue with their corporate jobs or focus on their consultancy practice. 

You mentioned work-life balance, and corporate life from my experience doesn't make this possible. Just try to ask any CEO if they have it. 

During this time, you may choose to invest in your self and your consultancy practice by strenghteing the skills you believe will help you grow your practice, and not the skills that your employer decides you should have. 


Work particularly on your interpersonal skills, becuase as a consultant you will meet with people from different educational background, industries, and businesses, and that's a great thing about being a consultant. You will have a large network during your career. 


And finally it is important to have financial skills and to know how to calculate your taxes to keep funds aside to pay your taxes. 

Wish you all the best in your career. 


Your Partner Towards Quality Improvement. 





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