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What are the different forms of consulting? (Management consulting vs. Strategy consulting vs. Operations consulting)  

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Hello, I am a student graudting this year from high-school and firstly thanks to everyone holding up discussions and giving valueble content!! Really appreciate that.

So consulting seems very interesting to me and I have some questions for you...

There are differences between types of consulting, what are those specifically between strategy consulting, management consulting and operations consulting? What are aspects worth to mention and what is, in your opinion, the best choice?

Thanks 🙂

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In the consulting world, you'll find that everyone calls themselves managerial consultants. Strategy is one form of management, as is the organizational behavior side, human resource management consulting, training consulting, and all other things that involve people and decisions.


The only true answer that I can really provide here is that everyone eventually finds their niche but just as all aspects of the organization need to work together as a system in order for things to work out right, all aspects of advising and consulting need to consider the gestalt of the system in which the specific topic resides. That's why it's so important to pull together people with differing expertise onto a project. This is something that I do with my organization Leading Consultation International, and it brings benefits not only to the individual consultants but to the client organizations as well.

Frankie J. Weinberg

Leadership consultant and distinguished associate professor of management


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Here is a blog post about mgmt consulting and strategy consulting, to make a point about how the terms are misused:  

Hope that helps.



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