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Behavioral assessment/ Personality tests  

Luc Jeggo
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 Luc Jeggo
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which personality or behavioral traits do consultant companies look for when putting applicants through online behavioral assessment tests? 

How should you answer in these tests to do well? 

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Chet Van D\\\'Naik
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 Chet Van D\\\'Naik
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Hey Luc,

There are some basic traits that companies look out for: 

1. Empathy: Consulting is a business where we understand and empathise with people's problems, and try to address them 

2. Team work: How well can you accommodate yourself within your team; general approach towards working; collaborative or independent  


To answer these tests, just be true to yourself and try not to find the right answer for the question. Because these psychometric tests ask similar questions in different ways. 


Thanks !


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Adding to the previous answer:

It as also VERY important to be able to zoom out and see the whole picture. Like this, you can come up with proper solutions and perform better.


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