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BCG Virtual internship Program during Covid-19  

Siddhant Thakar
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Hi Everyone,

Due to the Corona virus lockdown, I have enrolled for a virtual internship program offered by BCG on Consulting. 

Is there anyone else who has enrolled for the same in the past ? What do you think about the significance of this internship in terms of CV, recruitment and work experience ?

Looking forward to hearing your opinion. 🙂 

Thank you.

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Hi Siddhant,

I, too have enrolled for the same. 

I think it's actually a good initiative by BCG that they're trying to get more people to apply for BCG. 

However, I'm not really sure about its significance in terms of Internship and work experience on our CV. 

I've watched a couple of YouTube videos on it and still really confused whether I should start with it or not. 

Just type BCG virtual internship on YouTube and you'll get the results. I've got mixed feelings about it. 

They say that there's a specific format that you have to use to put it on your CV. 

Kindly take a look at it and we can have a discussion on that too.

Looking forward to your response. 


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