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Advices for a student  

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Hello! My name is Jon and I had a question coming up:
What is your advice for me at university? Talking about extracurricular activities, should I found a club? Or do you have effective studying tips?

(Currently a business administration student in England)


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Hello Jon,

It may sound cliché but you should follow the adage "work hard, play hard". 

In the playing hard part, you should try to get into the consulting student club, finance club, student representation bodies, get a student job. Give everything you got for your grades, do internships. 

In the play hard part, meet people whether it be people with similar goals or completely different people, travel, maybe do an exchange. You only have one student life. 

In my view, university is a tradeoff. You don't want low grades but you also don't want to stay 24/7 at the library all year long. My advice is to stay busy, learn & discover. Try new things, see what you like. And try to have a coherent story at the end of your studies! 



L - Rathke
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Hey everyone! 

I can definitely underline what @Kha already said. Breaking out of your comfort zone should be priority number one as soon as you study. There are max 3/5 (+MBA) years that allow you to build up a major foundation for your future.

Network, network, network! This factor gets more and more important in today's times because often the contact you have can have a major impact you joining the firm you aspire to.

There are great networking essentials here:


Also, the magic triangle should be in your mind, too. Having all three aspects on point gives you huge advantages to others. Lucky for you, as a driven guy, (I know that because you ask relevant and self-improving questions 😉 ) performing above average is definitely doable! Take a look at the chart I inserted.

1. Grades

2. Relevant internships

3. Extracurricular activities


I've learned that especially from the Youtube channel: Management consulting insights

-> For further details on the magic triangle:


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